About Refund Product

About Refund

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About Refund:

  FO76items.com guarantee all the customers' safety purchase and strive to offer the price cheap and fair. Please place orders in here without any worries.

The Notification Of Refund:

  1. After paid successfully the buyer still could ask for the refund without any condition before the order is totally completed.
  2. Your order will be canceled and a refund will be issued immediately if your order can not complete in 72 hours.
  3. Once the order is completed, the refund request shall not be accepted (except for some unexpected occasions).

Resolutions To Controversial Orders:

  Because of the wrong information filling by the customer, causes the delay of the delivery, we will contact the customer by email to help them to correct the information at once. After the first email sent, we'll try to contact them again in 24 hours and 48 hours to inform them correct the information or finish the order procedure. We'll issue the refund if we still can not get the customers' response after 72 hours from the order is placed.

Solutions To Shortage Inventory:

  For those out of stock items caused the orders cannot be processed in time, we'll strive to help our customers by listing various options to solve it. Meanwhile, for those customers who are not willing to wait, we'll issue their full refund in no time, and for some customers who are fine with waiting, we'll strive to restock as soon as possible. Usually, it only takes one or two hours to have the inventory back.

Solutions To Other Problems:

  If your order cannot be processed in time under any circumstance, please feel free to contact us at LiveChat or email to [email protected].


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