Black Titanium: How To Get In Fallout 76

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Black Titanium: How To Get In Fallout 76


  In the game of Fallout 76, it is essential to collect scrap and junk. But there's a very hard to find resource known as Black Titanium has always been puzzling the players and is particularly crucial to later character builds. Scrapping armor pieces, weapons, and the infinite mountain of trash found throughout every corner of Appalachia is the fastest way to find resources to build C.A.M.P. components, ammo, Fallout 76 weapons and all kinds of other items, but for players, who are looking for Black Titanium need to search for it in a very specific places.


  If players want to get the Black Titanium, they will heed the insights in this guide, and is most definitely needed for crafting and maintaining the unique Excavator Power Armor. In this game, the players will need at least 36 pieces to craft that armor. And in here, there are some methods in Fallout 76 that can reliably offer Black Titanium at a steady rate. But you should be aware that different ways have different difficulty, and we'll state that below.

  The First Method Of Offering Black Titanium: Deathclaws

  Deathclaws have always been a longtime Fallout staple, but they are just one of the massive armors scattered throughout the map of Fallout 76. The Legendary Deathclaws reliably spawn on a specific island on the western side of the map, (the fact is, this place is quite close the edge of the allowed game area), on a unique location known as Deathclaw Island, north of Point Pleasant and the Mothman Museum.

Deathclaw Fallout 76 Items

  The Deathclaws will appear here each game-day cycle. An easy way to farm them is to move a C.A.M.P to the shoreline across from the island, and then build a building with many turrets, and just roam and wait for your quarry to appear across the water. Notice, the Deathclaws may be difficult foes, but usually, the creatures do not cross the water which means that you can kill them safely from a distance and then steal Black Titanium scrap from their dead bodies.

  The Second Method Of Offering Black Titanium: Maps From Welch In Ash Heap

Ash Heap Fallout 76 Items

  The second way to find Black Titanium at the cost of caps is to purchase mine maps from a vending machine in Welch. The location is on the southern edge Ash Heap, which will reveal. We have specified the exact location in the above screenshot. But many players will also unlock this location while tracking the Overseer’s journals in an extended primary side quest. Here's another way to gain Black Titanium.

  The Third Method Of Offering Black Titanium: Gorge Junkyard Workshop

Junkyard Workshop Fallout 76 Items

  The great way to farm certain resources is taking over workshops, and there's only one workshop that could generate Black Titanium: the Gorge Junkyard Workshop in The Forest. Go to this unique workshop and mine the Black Titanium nodes with a resource extractor, and please be prepared to defend it from both NPCs (they will regularly spawn here after the workshop is claimed) and those fellow players who might want to claim the workshop for themselves.

  The Fourth Method Of Offering Black Titanium: Mole Miners

Mole Miner Fallout 76 Items

  Another reliable way to farm Black Titanium for players of approximately level 15 is to seek out the Mole Miner enemies. These enemies always drop a unique item, known as Miner Suit Scrap, which yields Black Titanium when scrapped at a bench.

  Just like the name mentioned, You can find Mole Miners around mine locations. Various mines throughout Appalachia included, as well as most of the Ash Heap area. But in this area, you should notice that certain Mole Miner mobs (Normally they are known as “Foremen”) come equipped with fatal missile launchers.