Escape from Tarkov: What is the reason for buying EFT Roubles from Eznpc?

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Escape from Tarkov is a natural paradise for hardcore fans and fans of realistic shooters. Many Tarkov players are also typically faced with a lack of currency, especially any time you look at that this can be a hardcore game. However, many players will purchase EFT Roubles through Eznpc, so let's see why many players choose Eznpc?

Escape from Tarkov: What is the reason for buying EFT Roubles from Eznpc?


The complex gameplay in the Escape from Tarkov game is usually an issue even for skilled players. The project was created by the Russian studio Battlestate Games. The game entered open beta testing in 2017. Its plot revolves around the fictional city of Tarkov. A war involving two organizations takes a spot on its territory while the town itself is beneath siege. You are a mercenary who may have to survive inside a besieged location. The game has PvP and PvE modes, so you might not feel the need for opponents and allies.

There is certainly also a fascinating situation with currencies within the game. Escape from Tarkov has four money, the prototypes of which had been borrowed from the genuine planet. Every single EFT currency has its rate, which is consistently changing.


  • Roubles - the primary currency of your game, in which other currencies are calculated, and primarily, it is utilized for everyday purchases or exchange for additional high-priced income;
  • Dollars are the second most well - known currency; goes towards the merchant Peacemaker and serves for purchases from him;
  • Euro - is in circulation at the Mechanic, exactly where you could obtain various improvements for your weapon; partially utilized by the Skier;
  • Bitcoin may be the most high-priced currency in the game, which not everybody can afford; for it, you could buy a great weapon from the Mechanic, and, if preferred, bitcoin might be sold to get an excellent quantity, exchanged for much more critical cash.


It is possible to see that every one of the four currencies has the edge over a specific merchant. For highly-priced currency, it is possible to purchase only and valuable things. You'll find only seven merchants in the game, from whom you can stock up on goods. Every one of the traders has its separate specialization. Here can be a list of them: Ensign, Therapist, Buyer, Skier, Peacemaker, Mechanic, Junkie.

Should you need currency in Escape from Tarkov and search for a reputable gaming provider, then our service, RPGcash, has the most beneficial deal for you. You will obtain all four currencies from us for a bargain cost. We will deliver the buy straight to your hands within a brief time, and you can safely continue your game. Try and order a product from our web page, and you will be convinced of the comfort and simplicity that we present.




Often, the concern of currency in multiplayer on web games is the most pressing issue for players. Maybe at first, it appears that anything is enough, but you begin to comprehend this want with time. Escape from Tarkov players is also typically faced with a lack of currency, especially any time you look at that this can be a hardcore game. But you do not have to be a pro-gamer to become capable of farm play funds. You should turn to the Eznpc service, and you'll forget about your financial shortage forever. In our service, it is possible to buy game currency EFT for earnest money.


Our costs for EFT items are optimal and reasonably priced. Purchases from us will not come to be a financial burden for the client but, on the contrary, will contribute to savings. We will provide the most favorable prices in runet that will facilitate not simply the game but additionally the wallet. We also assure the security of your EFT acquire. Your personal information will remain completely anonymous, and delivery will probably be produced under the guidance of specialists. You may rest assured of the outcome of the deal. We will make sure that the goods reach you not only quickly, but also completely safe.




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The order of goods is as follows:

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