Great News: Fallout 76 Drops To $39.99

FO76items Date: Nov/21/18 15:20:28 Views: 1072

Great News: Fallout 76 Drops To $39.99


  Today, the biggest surprise for the Fallout 76 fans is this game is about to adjust the price to $39.99 during the GameSpot's Black Friday promotion, even though Fallout 76 has not been 10 days after it's successfully launched on 14 November 2018. This is really an exciting news for those FALLOUT series fans who have not purchased fallout 76 after it's officially online.

  On Sunday, GameSpot has announced the Bethesda's online Fallout experience discount and meanwhile, Bethesda has already revealed the full lineup of Black Friday sales. When the Black Friday sale officially begins later on November 21st at 8 p.m. fallout 76's standard edition that comes with only the game will be available for $39.99 and the deals first go live online. These from GameStop Black Friday promotions are live in stores from November 22 to 25 except in certain cases. Fallout 76 will be discounted throughout the whole Black Friday promotion.

  Besides the Fallout 76 standard edition, the Tricentennial edition will also be on sale next week, Normally the price would be $79.99. Out of the same reason, this more involved version of the game will be reduced by a similar amount to be priced at just $59.99 finally. In the Tricentennial edition, Cosmetics and emotes are mainly included, some of those for the players and others being accessories for players' workshops.

  Now, this is the perfect time to get FALLOUT 76 for anyone hesitant about getting this game. But here's one thing that you should realize, Fallout 76 got hit with a series of review bombs from players who weren't sure about the game, but since this game release, the Bethesda Game Studios (BGS) has already made plans for the future updates. One of the hottest topics is STASH size, cause a lot of players were noticing in the beta version that they were running out of room in stock. Bethesda has made a promise that they'll fix this problem and increase the STASH size and meanwhile, they'll add a push-to-talk feature for PC players in the coming updates and all of these players' requirements would be fulfilled before the end of this year. Some Fallout 76 players have already pushed the limits of the servers though with some people actually managing to crash the game's servers by launching three different nukes in quick succession, a series of blasts that apparently was too much for the game to handle.

  All in all, though this game has a very rocky start, it is trying to fix all the problem it encountered. And now since it has a promotion during the Black Friday, it's really a good chance for the players to get. Spend less and enjoy more. Who does not like it?

  And for the extra money you save from the game you bought, you can use it to buy fallout 76 bottle caps, or get fallout 76 weapons, get these would help you level up faster. A bargaining deal, isn't it?

  Now Fallout 76 is available for the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and you can find GameStop's Black Friday deals full list here: