In Fallout 76: Where To Find 63,94 And 96 Vaults

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In Fallout 76: Where To Find 63,94 And 96 Vaults


  Fallout 76 just shows the Vault 76 on its surface, or we can say Fallout 76 shows more than its titular Vault 76. Because this game's purpose is linked with the main story so tightly. When you first step into this game, you might think: "Ah, this is the only Vault in the West Virginia wasteland." And if you think so, the fact will prove you are wrong. In this game, there actually exists three other Vaults in this desolated world. And each one possessing a unique mysterious atmosphere.

  We would have planned to see what mysteries await inside these Vaults, but turned out these Vaults cannot be opened--at least not yet. What a bummer! But according to what Bethesda stated that they have plans to allow players into these Vaults in the coming months. Even though this would remain a mystery for some time before we know what lies within each Vault, we can tell you the details on where you can find them. And you'll make full preparations whenever these Vaults are ready and open on someday.

  Here they are:

Vault 63: 


Fallout 63  Vault


  Among these Vaults, Vault 63 is the most difficult one to discover, But you still can find it much easier with our help. It's located in the southern area of the Ash Heap. Actually, it's tucked away in a hidden cave entrance inside a shack part way down the road leading towards the Hornright Testing Sight #03. We have posted a screenshot of the shack for your reference.

  Outside the Vault door, there exists a terminal which shows the details of the Vault's status. Next to the terminal, there is a keycard slot that could accept either of the following items: Such as Vault 63 maintenance ID card, Vault 63 access ID card and Vault 63 resident ID card. Till now, these items still do not exist in the game.

Vault 94:


Fallout 94 Vault


  The location of Vault 94 situated directly east of the Pumpkin House in the northern area of the Savage Divide. Headed to the more mountainous section, you should notice a hobbled together entrance way with a welcome sign painted in white. Here is the image we have taken and you can easily find it.

  Obviously, this Vault was sealed during the Great War in 2077, And it was briefly reopened after one year later. And this place was used for dispatching the Vault ambassadors into Appalachia to act as missionaries in service to survivors. By the beginning of this game Fallout 76, the Vault 94 had been sealed again. Now with the correct access code, this vault can be opened again. But this code is just carried by the Vault ambassadors.

Vault 96:


Fallout 96 Vault


  Last but not least, Vault 96, this is located deeper in the Savage Divide. You can find it a short way south of the Spruce Knob (the green tower) in a forest area. Just head to the point highlighted on the map above. This Vault you really should not miss it. Based on the same reason, this Vault was shut down during the Great War in 2077. But since then it has not been opened till now!

  We all do not know what's inside of these Vaults, it may contain many Fallout 76 items, like Fallout 76 weapons and Fallout 76 bottle caps. If they are true. That's fantastic and I am pretty sure that I will look forward to it! Haha