Lost Ark Endgame Guide: Fresh Level 50, Now What?

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A completely different game awaits you after reaching level 50 in Lost Ark. In our guide, we will explain how you can advance in the Endgame.

Despite crowded servers and endless queues, did you somehow reach level 50 after hundreds of quests in Lost Ark? Then congratulations! But your journey through Arcesia is only just beginning because now the Endgame has finally started.



So that you don't have to start the most important part of the game in complete confusion, we have prepared a guide for all players who have just reached level 50. We will tell you what events are waiting for you right now, what you need to do first, and what mistakes you should avoid.



Quick navigation:

  • Complete northern story
  • Before Shushir
  • Chaos Dungeons
  • Guard raids
  • Increase item set
  • Abyss Dungeons
  • island quests
  • Unas Quests
  • Cube
  • Shadow tip



1. Play the northern story to the end

Suppose you are one particular of individuals who are in no hurry to attain the highest level, as described in our guide, and prefer to complete all side quests. In that case, you should probably still be somewhere on the Artentin steampunk continent when you reach level 50.

You now have two options:

  • Continue playing as usual and complete the story of the continent
  • Board the ship and sail straight to Severny Port.


Anyway: The point where you enter Nord-Vern is the beginning of the Endgame. Here, you first need to complete a small series of quests that end with Ealin's Gift quest. Not only will this reward you with two Power Passes that will allow you to raise two more characters to level 50, but it will also unlock the next Shushir continent. Find out why this is so important in the next section.



2. Let's go to Shushir (optional)

After completing the questline in the North, you will receive the Stormbreaker ship. This allows you to break through thick pieces of ice in the sea off the Shushir continent. It would be greatest for those who did this as soon as possible, because here - as in every new area - the next series of quests is already waiting for you.

You will receive a chest of desires for completing the quest, which contains a complete set for your class. It has an item level of 302 and allows you to complete the first chaos dungeons and guardian raids.



3. Chaos Dungeons

Once you've had your fill of quests, you can skip Shushir for now and go straight to the first Chaos dungeon. Even if your item level isn't high enough for a group quest yet, you can easily conquer the first Northern Chaos dungeon yourself, even with a lower item level. To do this, go to one of the access points that you will find in all major cities, such as Luterra Castle or Verne Castle.

How the Chaos Dungeons work: The process is extremely simple and is similar to the Rifts in Diablo 3 - except that the enemies spawn right at you, and there are practically no paths to run. You have to go through three levels full of mobs, alone or with random players.

Here you can find the same items as in the Wish Chest in Shushira. However, it will probably take you two or three tries to get all the parts (helmet, chest, shoulders, pants, gloves, weapons).

In addition, Chaos Dungeons are the primary source of Harmony Shards and Guardian Stone Shards, which are important for upgrading your first set. But more on that later.



4. Guardian Raids

The second end-of-game quest that you also need to complete twice a day is Guardian Raids. The Monster Hunter games inspire them because here you go - alone or with others - on the hunt for one huge boss monster. You can also quickly join raids from any capital.

We've recorded the first steps for you on the video to give you an idea of ​​how Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids work. And if that seems too easy for you: The later levels are much more complex and harder!

As a reward, you can get Guardian Stone Fragments, Destruction Stone Fragments, and Harmony Transition Stones here. The materials are needed to upgrade the first set of items from Shushira and the Chaos Dungeon, respectively, along with the Fragments of Harmony.



5. Upgrade your items set!

After completing the Chaos dungeon and the Guardian raid, you can update Lost Ark equipment. To do this, contact the appropriate NPC and select the Upgrade items.

Upgrading gear is quickly explained: Each of your gear items has an experience point bar that you must fill to 100 percent by spending Harmony Fragments. You then use your earned Guardian Stone Fragments, Destruction Stone Fragments, Harmony Fragments, and Harmony Jump Stones to level up an item by one level.

Up to upgrade level +6, the upgrade is guaranteed to work with a 100% chance. After that, the probability decreases by ten percent every two levels. So, if you want to upgrade your item to +7 or +8, there is a 10% chance that the upgrade will fail, and all the materials needed to upgrade will be lost. If you level up to +9 or +10, there is a 20 percent chance of failure.

However, each failed update increases the likelihood that the next one will succeed, so don't be discouraged if an update fails.



6. Dungeons of the abyss

After you get your average item level up to +4, you can try your hand at the Abyss Dungeons. Here you will get more Lost Ark gold and knight's oaths, which can be used to create an epic set. The level of this item is not higher than the blue set, but it has better statistics. Then you can transfer the upgrade levels from the blue, rare set to the epic purple set.

But beware: Abyss Dungeons are significantly harder than the Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids you've played before. Ideally, you should have a group of four friends or guild members. You can also find a suitable team through the group search, as there are often experienced players here. However, if you try normal matchmaking, you'll have to be prepared for a lot of death - especially if you don't know the bosses yet.

Abyss Dungeons Are Awesome

Why is it so difficult? Abyss Dungeons are similar to raids in World of Warcraft. You'll first clear the area of ​​trash mobs and then face two tough boss fights. Especially the late Abyss dungeons require a lot of coordination and combat items such as grenades.



7. Island Missions

To collect more upgrade materials, permanent bonuses, and other rewards, you must explore the numerous islands that await you in the Lost Ark Sea. Each small island offers a small series of quests that can be completed in 5-30 minutes.

It doesn't matter where you start your trip to the islands. However, make sure you have the correct item level - you can see this by hovering over the island on the world map.

We started our island trip on Tranquility Island, east of North Luterra. You can check the position here:



8. Una's Quests



Una is the daily quest of Lost Ark. open the overview by pressing Alt+J and selecting three quests. Every day you can complete three of them. You can choose which ones you want to complete.

We recommend choosing quests that reward you with Harmony Stones. They will most likely be missed when you reach higher upgrade levels.

There are also weekly quests to keep in mind.

Once you've completed a challenge, you can accept it again the next day and complete it automatically if you wish - but you'll need a ticket from the in-game store to do so.

Our tip: If you have activated Crystalline Aura, you will get two additional Bifrost slots. With their help, you can teleport directly to where you complete daily quests.



9. Cube

You will also need a ticket if you wish to enter the cube. However, you cannot buy this ticket. It can only be obtained with luck in the Chaos Dungeons or Silmael Bloodstones. You can even use multiple tickets simultaneously to increase your rewards when you enter the game.

However, this is risky as you will have to go through 19 different levels in the cube. Various quests are waiting for you: Killing ordinary mobs, killing elite enemies, killing a boss, or just surviving for a certain time.

The reward increases with each completed level. However, if your entire team dies, you will return home without a reward.



10. Eyeshadow Tip

The Shadowspire is a tower that you can only overcome on your own. You have to conquer 50 different levels. The main battles occur against trash mobs and elite opponents, but sometimes there are special quests, such as small puzzles.

As a reward, you can get many useful items: engraving guides, potions (permanent cost increase), card packs, and more. You can try the tower at any time and an infinite number of times, but you must reach a certain item level to be allowed to enter subsequent levels at all.

  • Floor 01: Item Level 302
  • Floor 05: Item Level 340
  • Floor 10: Item Level 380
  • Floor 15: Item Level 400
  • Floor 20: Item Level 420
  • Floor 25: Item Level 440
  • Floor 30: Item Level 460
  • Floor 35: Item Level 480
  • Floor 40: Item Level 500
  • Floor 45: Item Level 520
  • Floor 50: Item Level 540


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