Misunderstanding Of The Fallout 76 Graphics

FO76items Date: Nov/09/18 14:09:53 Views: 1223

  I have heard this complaint from many players since the fallout 76 B.E.T.A published, and some people (some haters contained) even commenting on this game like, this is a disastrous PS2 game, which is very rude and irresponsible. For us, if this game looks like a PS2 game, then this is the best looking PS2 game I've ever seen. Before downvoting, you guys can look at all the full post, not all the criticisms come from that horrible graphics. For us, if you ask, we'd like to say that is the 2018 best looking game in 2018 and the screenshot can tell all:


Misunderstanding Of The Fallout 76 Graphics


  This, the Fallout 76, is a classic game for sure, but what confuses us the most is, why would it make sense to have a thriving world full of living breathing NPCs? We mean, this game's background is set in the post-apocalypse world after the nuclear destroyed the whole planet. It should be a little messy and a little desolation. If the graphics are very bright, clean and attractive that's not the FALLOUT. So about those hating threads we received are kinda stupid. For us, the fallout 76 feels just like any other fallout I've played, but more realistic in content.

  The new setting of the landscape looks great in the trailers and B.E.T.A version they have published. The models across the world space look sharper and more defined now because they blend better with the environment's lighting. Shadows across the board seem more defined now, as well as interior lighting. You can clearly notice this during the co-op gameplay.

  In other words, It would be a big challenge for your XBOX ONE, PS4 and Microsoft Windows to some extent if the graphics are too nice and too spectacular, that would require you'll have a fantastic platform to support, but how many of us could afford that. So we feel satisfied after we buy fallout 76 weapons and get fallout 76 item from different places and different players. The graphics are not as terrible as some other players said!

  We found a really interesting phenomenon that this game keeps getting basically slandered by the reviewers, professional and otherwise. So we think these people are just participating in outrage culture and trying to make money by picking out any and every imperfect thing, even up to lying, in order to try to get money through controversy.

  All in all, Fallout 76 is the Bethesda Game Studios' first online multiplayer game. We can not say that everything is perfect on the graphics, but we should know that they are making progress and become much better than before. That's what we are hoping for.You can not get a perfect game in the world just like anything else because there's not perfect in this world!I have heard this complaint from many players since the fallout 76 B.E.T.A published, and some people