Natural Scenery In Fallout 76

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Natural Scenery In Fallout 76


It would be fantastic to see the natural scenery in Fallout 76 game changes with the actual seasons that West Virginia experiences throughout the year, although it's unlikely to happen for Bethesda to make such a huge improvement. For instance, when it gets to autumn, there would be more yellow than there is currently and when the winter comes, the snow should cover the ground instead of rain. And so on.

Yesterday during playing the FALLOUT 76 BETA version, the screen popped up and said "this is a verdant season in the forest," and until then, I just realized that the FALLOUT 76 should have a mechanic to change the seasons in-game. Cause sometimes we players even do not know what it did to begin with and then the screen popped up and say the season was over. And that'll confuse our players very easily. It would be pretty cool if they altered the seasons based on the actual season in real time West Virginia. That will help us to guide when the missions or the tasks we should do and when we should not do and when is the perfect time to do. Like if we harvest crops in winter, that would be so weird.

One player has listed one solution about the natural season in the game, and I personally think this is doable, but in some aspects, I think it still needs to improve. Here is what that player said:

Couldn't they just be similar to the seasons in real life? Kind of like Animal Crossing honestly. It's not really a problem as it's an online game. For example, Autumn is September, October, and November. Winter is December, January, and February. Spring is March, April, and May. Then Summer is June, July, and August. Basically real life seasons.

This setting for Bethesda is not a very big challenge, but a lot of players may have this puzzle, they think the real time does not equivalent to the game time. In order to solve this problem, the Bethesda can set their own rules due to different tasks and for the time they can extend or shorten based on different tasks or levels and show the different natural scenery. For some other special tasks, they could list an exchange formula to tell the players when the season will begin and when it'll end before they try to accept or take part in a specific mission.

Here, for some trades, the game time should not be as long as the real time does, for example, if a player wants to buy cheap fallout 76 bottle caps, we should let them own those caps immediately after they place an order. If the purchase time or the delivery time taking too much time, either of it may cause a negative effect on the game.

If this problem could be solved successfully it will bring much joy to the players and of course, it will strengthen competitiveness during the whole game industry. The Bethesda should think it twice.