The Review Of Our First Step In Fallout 76 Game

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  After Bethesda Game Studio first announced FALLOUT 76 at E3 2018, many Fallout players hold different responses to this. We got a feeling that a FALLOUT game was under process. Although this game was not the core game that many FALLOUT fans hoped for, and the Bethesda boss Todd Howard turned this FALLOUT into an iconic wasteland online multiplayer action role-playing video game and try to bring the players a new experience.

  Here comes one problem, how does the FALLOUT 76 hold up against the pressure from its predecessors? Should we take this game from a whole new view? And now since the FALLOUT 76 has officially launched, we have reviewed it and here is part one content.

  In Fallout 76 game, you awakening in Vault 76 on Reclamation Day, which symbolizes this game begins. Reclamation Day is the holiday when vault inhabitants celebrate surviving from the nuclear war and have the opportunity to leave their metal home finally. After you finish designing your survivor character, you'll pass through the vault gradually and come to the outside world, before being forced into the sunlight, you'd better explore every crack and corner of the 76th vault. You can find that the Reclamation Day party is over apparently. The only remnants are crumpled confetti, old party hats, and deflated balloons. Then you'll realize that you're totally alone.

  On your way to the exit from the vault, you can see a lot of helpful items, which you might need in the wasteland, like some food, radaway, the new C.A.M.P. settlement system, stimpacks and a Pip-Boy and for the cheap Fallout 76 bottle caps (usually known as currency) sorry, we have not found them, maybe this kind of Fallout 76 items are not included...On-screen briefly points out how the new settlement system works, and meanwhile, it also explains the importance of keeping your radiation at a low level and keep your energy from getting hunger and thirst. Although it's very hard to find radiation-free subsistence in FALLOUT 76.

  What's more, each time you level up, the new SPECIAL Perk System would award you a point in order to increase your SPECIAL statistics (strength, endurance, intelligence etc). When you add a point to a SPECIAL stat, you can also pick Perk cards which give you certain buffs or abilities. Every SPECIAL statistic has some cards which are related to it. But, the cards you get to choose are not always associated with the SPECIAL you just increased. For instance, after you reached level one, you can upgrade your strength and chose to pick the gladiator card (which could improve melee damage). To be exact, the perk cards allow you to create a load of skills and specialize in specific areas. Perk cards can be traded with other players, added on top of each other, swapped or discarded.

  All of those introductions are the first step in Fallout 76, and in the second step we'll leave the vault and to see the new wasteland of West Virginia-inspired Appalachia.