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Why Choose Us?


  We provide Safe, Reasonable Price and Professional Service.


  Your Items, Bottle Caps and Weapons you collected from the game can be tradeable to us and we pay you back with cash. If you want to sell part of your items, you can directly contact us anytime anywhere. Whatever for the one-time sale or the cooperation to be our suppliers are both welcomed.


  Certainly, most of the sellers worried about being scammed. From the beginning, some of our partners mentioned that too. Based on this point, There's no need to emphasize we are a big company or a branded website or something like that. Cause we have a more realistic approach, that is from the very beginning of establishing this website we have built trust with each other. You can trade partial or the whole amount golds you collected to us as you wish. After that, if you think there is any problem with the exchange rate or the time we pay you, you can completely not cooperate with us anymore. But till so far, all the sellers who have businesses with us think that we are reliable and worthy for long-term cooperation. So you can totally trust us and do business with us!


How to Contact us?

There are three methods you can contact us:

Skype1: Coolyou8 

Skype2: CassieU4GM

Email: [email protected]

Live Chat: At The Bottom Right

We Are Looking Forward To Hearing From You!


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